The Royal Oak – gastropubbing in Twickenham

London. Crazy, massive London. It has endless boroughs, nooks, and crannies, and it’s impossible to even attempt to explore them all. Time and convenience often trump my adventurous spirit, but I recently ventured… Continue reading

Silo – zero waste brunch in Brighton

My resolution in 2017 has been to discover more of England, a country I’ve lived in (albeit off and on) for the past five years, yet have seen surprisingly little of. It’s that… Continue reading

Vegetarian delight: Herby lentils topped with burrata

This year, I have once again been observing my vegetarian September, which I started back in 2013. Every year, it makes me pay a bit more attention to what I eat, and it’s… Continue reading

Brunch at Four to Eight – a bland affair

Over the past five years, I’ve gotten to know London pretty well, and one thing I’ve learned is that whilst it doesn’t know how to ventilate tube carriages or deal with sunshine, it… Continue reading

Bayleaf – indulgent Indian food in North London

I’m always amazed at the variety of cuisine London has to offer, and one that is available in absolute abundance is, of course, Indian. Over the years, I’ve tried my fair share; Dishoom is… Continue reading

Miso sea bass with sesame bok choy

I love Chinese food. One of the first places I visited when I moved to London was Chinatown, and I simply drank in the sights, smells, and particularly the tastes of everything it… Continue reading

Celebrating Rakhi at Darjeeling Express

In London, it seems like new restaurants open every single day, and keeping up with all the openings can be quite overwhelming! There are the imports from abroad, the pop-ups that are only… Continue reading

Summery seafood at Villa Ruza Old City Bistro in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, aka King’s Landing, is a dream come true for all Game of Thrones fans, but for those amongst us (myself included) who are yet to jump on that fantastical train, it is… Continue reading

Señor Ceviche – A taste of Peru in Fitzrovia

Peruvian food has been on the rise for a while now, and London has of course reflected this trend with countless restaurants, a few of which I’ve visited in the last couple of… Continue reading

Postcards from Cartagena, Colombia – the city of colours

Over the course of six months backpacking the South American continent, I must have taken at least 5,000 photos. Armed with my trusty Olympus, I put my extremely limited photography skills to use wherever… Continue reading