Weekend of Food 2016: En Périgord

Updates in progress…

The Weekend of Food has become a yearly tradition amongst my friends, and one we treasure in our minds, hearts, but most of all, digestive systems. Taking place as summer draws to a close, we spend 2-3 days laughing, cooking, and especially feasting! We have previously focused on the Deep South, French food, and Persian cuisine, but this year, we decided to, quite literally, go international. We left behind the hustle and bustle of London and stayed in a house in the beautiful French Périgord, eating fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden and gorging ourselves silly. This year was a bit emotional, as it was the last time for a while that all of us would be together, as one friend is moving to Edinburgh and two of us are heading to South America for 6 months! We went for a couple of glorious walks in the countryside, explored the area, spent a lot of time laughing (and playing Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit…), but mostly truly appreciating the value of food and friends!

Saturday evening

Arriving late on Saturday meant we stuck to a simple dinner, but based around local ingredients: Charcuterie, fromage, et pain. Plus a well-travelled dessert… read more here.


Sunday breakfast

Fruits, pastries, and overnight cinnamon buns, courtesy of the Baking Medic (find the recipe here).


Sunday lunch

Fresh tomato-mozzarella salad, with the former picked straight from the garden and the latter of the finest buffalo…



Sunday evening

The big 6-course meal! Read more about it here (link to follow), but the menu is below:

Canapés: Melon wrapped in Parma ham, goat’s cheese amuse bouches

Appetiser: Foie gras, fresh figs, crisp baguette

Pasta: Walnut pasta with chanterelles, parsley, and butter

Main: Lamb stew with shallots, dates, and roasted figs, served alongside lemon zucchini and crispy potatoes

Cheese: A variety thereof

Dessert: Clafoutis

Monday lunchtime

Eating out at L’Auberge Medievale in Audrix (review to follow)

Tuesday brunch

Treats en plein air before catching our flight back to the big smoke, including scrambled eggs with lardons, more pastries, and an abundance of fresh fruits!