Worldwide Photography Walk through London

My photography skills, or more accurately, the lack thereof, have always been something I’d like to work on, and yet, I never seem to find the time. Last year, I took a photography course aptly named ‘Get Off Auto’ with Going Digital, which was hugely helpful in getting me… well, off auto. Since then, my skills have stagnated somewhat, but I still love taking my camera out, especially when I’m travelling. Whenever I’m in London though, routine takes over and photography takes a back seat, so when I saw that the Worldwide Photowalk was happening in Central London last month, I decided to sign up, even though it started at 10am on a Saturday!

It was so refreshing to walk through London without an agenda, a place to be, or a rush. We started off at Hyde Park Corner and made our way slowly down Piccadilly, popping in and out of Green Park until we reached Piccadilly Circus roundabout. Along the way, there were a few lovely moments, including a beautiful glossy dog outside a posh cafe, and a glimpse of a squirrel in the park. And I managed to escape just before the inevitable London drizzle! So here’s a peek at what I captured…

How do you hone your photography skills? Any tips for an amateur photographer?

Equipment: Olympus OM-D E-M10 and rudimentary editing through Apple Photos

Beginnings of autumn in Green Park

WWII memorial from below

Gone in the blink of an eye


Puttin’ on the Ritz

Supremely well-behaved, just waiting for his owner to finish coffee