Shane’s Restaurant – a slightly disappointing experience in Munich, Germany

Tasting menus are a wonderful invention. Sure, you can argue that pre-desserts are superfluous and amuse-bouches are just a way for the chef to show off, but who doesn’t get a little tickle… Continue reading

Deconstructed Bavarian Zwetschendatschi – or a plum and vanilla crumble

I love trying out new recipes and inventing dishes, but more often than not, they aren’t quite as adventurous as they could be. So when my friend and I decided to do a… Continue reading

Desencaja – out of the box dining in Madrid, Spain

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve visited Spain, and yet, I never seem to tire of it. I mostly return to Madrid and Barcelona, but have also ventured south to Andalucia,… Continue reading

Almond and oat cookies with cranberries and white chocolate

January is almost over, but nonetheless: Happy 2019! Like everybody else, I tried to put together some new year’s resolutions, and one of them has been to blog a little bit more. Since… Continue reading

Tom Kha Gai (a Swindian version)

So… there are probably as many versions of Tom Kha Gai as there are coconut trees in the world, and I am aware that mine isn’t fully authentic. I lacked lemongrass, holy Thai… Continue reading

Little Kolkata – the taste of a Bengali home in Central London

When you say something feels like home, what does that mean? Calmness? Familiarity? Being able to eat with your hands without worrying about decorum? Looking around and just feeling … comfortable? Whatever your… Continue reading

Farewell, London – the dinners

I think I have been avoiding finishing this post because, after my summary of farewell breakfasts and lunches, this article on my final dinners in London is pretty much the only thing between… Continue reading

What I do and don’t miss about living in London

I lived in London for six years, and during that time, it was always a love-hate relationship. Love mostly prevailed, and I even wrote a love letter to this great city a couple… Continue reading

Brunching at Rosi Kaffeehaus und Bar, Munich

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already been four months since I left the big smoke of London for the calmer climes of Munich! Time sure flies, especially when you spend one of… Continue reading

Nihonbashi – Japanese decadence in Colombo, Sri Lanka

It was our last night in Sri Lanka, and it was a wrench to leave the country of elephants, gorgeous beaches, seafood, rice and curry. Our flight back to London was at 6am… Continue reading