The Swindian explores: London Christmas dinners

The concept of the British Christmas Dinner, which I will henceforth refer to as BCD, remains something of an enigma to me. Ever since I moved to the UK in 2008, I’ve always… Continue reading

The Swindian recommends: London breakfasts

Breakfast might be my favourite meal of the day (though I’m rather partial to a spot of lunch and a decadent dinner, too), and the abundance of London establishments that offer it has… Continue reading

Prosecco-cream soup with smoked salmon

This soup is a recipe I’ve been wanting to try for a really long time. It’s one that I’ve only ever seen in Switzerland – most recently at a friend’s wedding – and… Continue reading

Beer and baking with Budvar and koláče

I’ve always considered myself more a cook than a baker, as I find it difficult to follow strict rules in the kitchen. Whenever I read a recipe, I think about what I could… Continue reading

Baked haddock with a dukkah crust, lemony spinach, and roasted sweet potato mash

For the Weekend of Food 2017, every guest presided over a course, and my responsibility was the fish course (yes, it was a meal fancy enough to have a fish course). I was… Continue reading

How to spend a relaxing day out in London

London, for all its amazing features, is an extraordinarily busy and stressful city. I’m always running for a bus, careening through the tube tunnels, or frantically trying to find something so I can… Continue reading

Worldwide Photography Walk through London

My photography skills, or more accurately, the lack thereof, have always been something I’d like to work on, and yet, I never seem to find the time. Last year, I took a photography… Continue reading

VOC Restaurant and Bar – cocktails and tapas in King’s Cross

London is always referred to as a ‘melting pot’ of cultures and food, but unfortunately, for every fantastic independent restaurant, there are three lacklustre chains with average fare. This is particularly the case… Continue reading

The Royal Oak – gastropubbing in Twickenham

London. Crazy, massive London. It has endless boroughs, nooks, and crannies, and it’s impossible to even attempt to explore them all. Time and convenience often trump my adventurous spirit, but I recently ventured… Continue reading

Silo – zero waste brunch in Brighton

My resolution in 2017 has been to discover more of England, a country I’ve lived in (albeit off and on) for the past five years, yet have seen surprisingly little of. It’s that… Continue reading