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Beer and baking with Budvar and koláče

I’ve always considered myself more a cook than a baker, as I find it difficult to follow strict rules in the kitchen. Whenever I read a recipe, I think about what I could… Continue reading

How to spend a relaxing day out in London

London, for all its amazing features, is an extraordinarily busy and stressful city. I’m always running for a bus, careening through the tube tunnels, or frantically trying to find something so I can… Continue reading

Worldwide Photography Walk through London

My photography skills, or more accurately, the lack thereof, have always been something I’d like to work on, and yet, I never seem to find the time. Last year, I took a photography… Continue reading

Postcards from Cartagena, Colombia – the city of colours

Over the course of six months backpacking the South American continent, I must have taken at least 5,000 photos. Armed with my trusty Olympus, I put my extremely limited photography skills to use wherever… Continue reading

WeFiFo and an Italian supperclub

Over the past few years, supperclubs have become the new chic, and they range from vegan feasts to ex-Masterchef cooks to open-air barbecues. It can often be difficult to decide which one to… Continue reading

Taste of London 2017 – sampling the best of London’s restaurants

Taste of London was one of my highlights of 2016 (before I boarded my flight to Argentina, that is), and I was hugely excited to return to Regent’s Park this year. The festival… Continue reading

10 easy ways to reduce waste

I may be a little late to the party on this, but ever since returning to London, I’ve become far more aware of how much plastic I use, and how much food I… Continue reading

Skylight – a new rooftop destination for East Londoners

Having been back in London for over a month now, I’m still adjusting to various things. The heat on the tube, the grey skies, the commuting, and of course, the prices. But one… Continue reading

Limo – Peruvian-Japanese fusion in Cusco, Peru

Cusco is a beautiful city in Peru, known mainly for its proximity to Machu Pichu, but also as the previous capital of the Inca Empire. It is situated amidst rolling hills, and at… Continue reading

Sunday brunch at the W Hotel in Bogota, Colombia – a worthwhile indulgence

DIY doughnuts, a DJ, unlimited bloody Marys and a myriad of desserts – no, it’s not a Hollywood party, it’s bottomless brunch at the W Hotel in Bogota! And if you think this… Continue reading