Postcards from Cartagena, Colombia – the city of colours

Over the course of six months backpacking the South American continent, I must have taken at least 5,000 photos. Armed with my trusty Olympus, I put my extremely limited photography skills to use wherever we went, but there was one specific occasion where I purposefully left the hostel on a photography mission. It was in Cartagena, a colourful and colonial Colombian city, where temperatures soared to 35 degrees by 8am. With this in mind, I set off at 7am with the hope of photographing locals heading to work, school, or just living their lives.

What I loved most about Cartagena was its positive and colourful vibes, from the smiles on peoples’ faces, to the achingly fresh seafood, the gorgeous colonial buildings, interesting street art, and flowers sprouting from the many terraces.

Unfortunately, 7am was already a bit too late in terms of ideal lighting, and I didn’t last long before the heat overtook me that day. I still managed to get a few shots I was happy with, but I know I have a long way to go in terms of street photography. I’m also very bad at editing photos, so these are pretty much unfiltered. Any tips are very welcome!

Sculpture meets painting 

Just playing

Grabbing a snack before work

Morning stroll

Catching a break from the unbearable heat

A tourist, taking in the sights and smells

Sandia para todos

Nap time

All photos taken with my Olympus OM-D EM10.

Do you have any tips and tricks for street photography? How do you translate the vibe of a city into a photograph?