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10 things I ate during my pescatarian September in 2016

I spend my days eating my way around London, and there are so many restaurants, cafes, and meals that never make it on to The Swindian, as I simply don’t have enough time to… Continue reading

Guest post: A culinary history of Andalusia (by Eatapas)

I first met Eatapas at the Taste of London festival this year, and was very impressed by the quality and flavour of their products, as well as their awesomely friendly customer service. Of all… Continue reading

Impressions of La Boqueria, Barcelona

I love food markets. I somehow (inexplicably) find myself at The Global Kitchen in Camden Market at least once a week, and whenever I travel abroad, one of my must-sees is the local… Continue reading

A Swindian love letter to London 

Dear London, It’s been a chaotic few weeks around here, with political turmoil being the order of the day, and tensions running high. As a non-UK and non-EU citizen living here, I feel… Continue reading

Taste of London 2016 – the world’s greatest restaurant festival

Taste of London markets itself as the world’s greatest restaurant festival, and rightly so. From Masterchef candidates to Michelin-starred chefs, the talent and culinary delights were staggering. And whilst the weather has been… Continue reading

The dos and don’ts of gelato in Florence (and Lucca)

When I was on the Roman Food Tour last year, the general rule was: ‘If it’s fluffy, it’s fake.’ The ice cream tourist traps tend to be the ones where you have bright… Continue reading

Nomadic Chefs – a supperclub for the ages

When a chef takes pride in his work, and excitedly tells you that the beautiful flowers on your plate were grown in his very own garden, I can’t help but smile. And when… Continue reading

Impressions of Camden Market, London

I recently got around to taking my first ever photography course, after investing in my beautiful Olympus camera last year. It was an amazing day with Going Digital, aptly named ‘Get off Auto’, and… Continue reading

Sampling the Riverside Walk in Kingston

My resolution for 2016 was to discover more of the UK, and so far, I’ve visited Bristol, Bath, Wales, and Cornwall, with a few more ‘exotic’ destinations coming up this summer (including a repeat… Continue reading

Ferdiesfoodlab – a supperclub filled with fusion

I am starting to delve slowly into the world of supperclubs, and it’s an incredible network, filled with even more incredible food! Sites such as Grub Club and Edible Experiences are great at… Continue reading