Weekend of Food, Day 2: Dishoom – best breakfast in London (and cheapest!)

An updated review of Dishoom post-Weekend of Food 2014!

The Swindian

Covent Garden / Shoreditch

Photo credit: The Baking Medic

UPDATE: I blogged about Dishoom a couple of weeks ago, but we went again for the Weekend of Food 2014 and it was magnificent. The best thing about going out with a lot of people is the opportunity to taste way more dishes! I finally tried Dishoom’s granola of destiny, and I have since vowed never to eat any other granola ever again. It is drizzled with yogurt of the gods, packed with gloriously fresh fruit, and toasted to perfection. I dare you to try it and not be completely bowled over!

DSC_5201 Granola heaven

A friend of mine also had the Big Bombay, which was an inventive twist on the full English breakfast, comprising of akuri and masala baked beans, amongst others.

DSC_5192 The Big Bombay

We also had bottomless chai, far too many (and yet not enough) bacon naan rolls, Fire Toast, and…

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