Farewell, London – the breakfasts

London has so many breakfast options. Too many? Never. I loved discovering as many as I could in the 6 years I lived there, and whilst my number one will always be Dishoom, and I’ve got another list of my favourites here, an occasion arose recently that allowed me to try out even more places…

As part of my first job in London, I got to do a 6-month stint in Munich. I really fell in love with the Bavarian city, and even after returning to London, the itch couldn’t be scratched. So, four years later, I packed up my dirndl and moved back to the city of beer gardens, bicycles, and sunshine!

Hiking in Bavaria just outside of Munich

Leaving the big smoke for the Alpine air was no easy decision, and so I made sure that in between jobs, I gave myself a couple of weeks to pack, organise, but most importantly, eat as much of London’s food as I possibly could. I may have gone slightly overboard, but I don’t regret it one bit!

I haven’t done a full blog post on each of the places I visited, as there was too much goodness packed into too little time, but here’s a little overview of how I spent my days (I also danced nearly every day to balance out the calories!). I’ve divided it up into breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, and the latter two posts will follow shortly / when I get time…

Keep an eye on the blog as I’ll now be exploring Munich restaurants, hoping to find some that measure up to the high standards I’m used to in London!

Fitting in with the locals in Munich

Dean Street Townhouse, Soho

The occasion for this one was a farewell breakfast with a colleague. I’d never been before, and the opulent surroundings were a little overwhelming, but when the Ham Hock Hash arrived, my eyes grew to the size of breakfast plates. Although the sourdough on the side felt a little superfluous, every mouthful of the hash itself was stuffed with flavour. A bit on the expensive side, especially the drinks, but I adored the hash and would go back just for that!

Ham hock hash, Dean Street Townhouse

Dishoom, Covent Garden

An old favourite! I’ve already blogged this one twice, and nothing will ever come close to the bacon naan. If you live in London and haven’t had it yet, I’m not sure I understand your priorities in life (vegetarians, you’ve got no excuse – have the egg one). (Vegans, you’re out).

Bacon naan and granola, Dishoom

The Good Egg, Kingly Court

A no longer recent discovery, their Jerusalem breakfast plates are just incredible, with labneh that is thicker than my thighs, a feta dip to die for, pillowy soft aubergine, golden fried halloumi, and pita that reminds me of Israel. Don’t leave without ordering one of the babkas – I love the pistachio one in particular!

Jerusalem breakfast plates, Good Egg

Caravan, King’s Cross

Meeting up with one of my favourite ex-colleagues before he headed to work was the perfect occasion to revisit Caravan. I decided to steer away from the standard Western dishes, and ordered the Middle Eastern inspired aubergine purée, soft boiled egg, preserved lemon gremolata, sumac, yoghurt, and grilled flatbread. It was incredibly tasty and my only complaint would be that there was a bit too much garlic (even for me) for a pre-9am meal!

Middle Eastern inspiration, Caravan


Duddell’s, London Bridge

Another place that had been on my list for a really long time, Duddell’s absolutely did not disappoint. It’s not your standard brunch – we feasted on dim sum and crispy duck – but that’s what makes it amazing. I’ve never tasted anything quite like the Duddell’s duck – skinned and shredded before our very eyes, we dipped the skin into sugar before enjoying the meat with pancakes, and then we chose to have the final bit stir-fried in black pepper sauce. The dim sum was piping hot, fresh, and gorgeously fishy, and the cocktails were on point. And that’s before I even mention that the location, in the historic St Thomas Church, is super spacious, filled with light, and incredibly elegant! Be sure to make a reservation, and stay for a while to soak it all in.

Carving duck at Duddell’s

Beautiful Duddell’s

Now that breakfast is sorted, what about the rest of the day…? Stay tuned for my lunch and dinner excursions!