Mongo’s – Mongolian munchies in Munich

Oberanger 28, 80331 München

It is sad, but true… My six months in Munich are over. On my last day, I had a slightly emotional farewell at work before having a proper Bavarian send-off in the biggest beer garden in the city. I then headed out for dinner with a friend, with no real idea of where to go or what to eat. Fortunately, one of my colleagues recommended Mongo’s. I only wish I had discovered it earlier!


A happy Swindian

I had never heard of the concept of a Mongolian barbecue, but once it was explained to me, I realised that is an absolutely perfect set-up. Often, when I order a big stir-fry or some sort of dish, I wish I could just pick and choose the ingredients to suit my taste. So when the waitress explained to us that we could do just that with sauces, vegetables, meat and fish, I was intrigued. And my intrigue was only heightened when I saw the labels – next to the standard beef, pork and chicken there was a bowl each of rabbit, ostrich and kangaroo, to name a few. I have also never seen such a wide variety of fish – everything from prawn, squid, salmon and cod to many that I had never heard of!

20140812-151828-55108296.jpg  20140812-152000-55200665.jpg

Mongo’s is moderately priced considering what they offer – the all-you-can-eat option is a mere 23.90 Euros, and if you choose to use the buffet only twice, it’s 20.90. Obviously, my companion and I went for the “Total Mongo’s”, and it was well worth it. The trick is to put together very small amounts of ingredients so that you can try as many different combinations as possible! I particularly recommend the Mongo’s BBQ and the mustard-lemongrass marinades.


Tricky lighting, hence the bad photo. Trust me, it was absolutely scrumptious.

I highly recommend Mongo’s for a somewhat alternative dinner experience – go there when you’re hungry but be sure to take advantage of the wide variety. Don’t stuff yourself at the first helping, you will live to regret it!