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Sziget Csarda – not quite goulash

Today, I’m pleased to feature a guest post by none other than Daddy Swindian, who is an avid traveller and foodie. He previously shared his experience of spicy Sichuan hotpot (read more about… Continue reading

Kiku – sushi in Mayfair

17 Half Moon Street, W1J 7BE When Daddy Swindian comes to town, good food is had. This visit was no exception, as we visited 2 fabulous Japanese places in the space of 3 days!… Continue reading

Granada – best churros ever

The next stop on our trip to Andalucia was Granada, a beautiful city with little cobbled streets (much like St Andrews) and of course, the home of the world-famous Alhambra.

Sevilla – orange trees and fish

Sevilla was the first stop on our trip to Andalucia. In terms of food, it was the least exciting, but I loved the architecture and atmosphere of the city. The cathedral was stunning (although… Continue reading

Mongo’s – Mongolian munchies in Munich

Oberanger 28, 80331 München It is sad, but true… My six months in Munich are over. On my last day, I had a slightly emotional farewell at work before having a proper Bavarian send-off… Continue reading

Green Thai fish curry (from scratch!)

NB: I’ve updated this post with photos from my even newer flat, but the recipe is exactly the same! This weekend was moving weekend, and so most of it was spent carrying boxes… Continue reading