Transit – Asian tapas in Berlin

Rosenthalerstraße 68, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

Summary statement: Go for the pork belly.

I love tapas. I just adore the concept of having many small dishes that can be shared amongst friends as it lets you eat more than just one big main course. It also promotes the sharing culture, which most readers will know I am a huge fan of.

When I visited Berlin a couple of months ago, my sister recommended that I visit Transit, which offers Asian food in very small portions. My mouth started watering as soon as she mentioned it and after a day of sightseeing, we made our way over.

Transit has three branches in Berlin, and we chose to visit the one in Mitte, as it was the most convenient after a day of sightseeing (at this point, my friend and I were already suffering from our ‘history hangover’). We walked in around 9pm, rather late for German standards, but were lucky to get a table immediately, as the place was still buzzing.

We were looking for a light dinner, as we had snacked a lot during the day, and so Transit was the perfect option, since we could order as few or as many dishes as we liked. The names of the dishes were endearing, and we opted for the duck in pyjamas and the harvest gold (a yellow curry that we chose based on the aromas wafting over from the neighbouring table). In addition, we chose the crunchy strips, which were made of pork belly. It was absolutely divine, and we actually ordered another portion after finishing the first!

The one thing that was very disappointing was that after receiving one tiny glass of tap water each, we were then charged 6 Euros (!) for a bottle of water. If it weren’t for the water, the meal would have been incredibly cheap, especially considering the quality of the food. Each small tapas-style dish cost a mere 3 Euros and whilst small, the helpings were not ungenerous.

I would recommend going for the pork belly and ordering a beer or a soft drink, or else wait to quench your thirst until later.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was really dark, so any photos I took are completely indecipherable. I’ll have to go back with a better camera!

Image courtesy of Transit Restaurants