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Nomadic Chefs – a supperclub for the ages

When a chef takes pride in his work, and excitedly tells you that the beautiful flowers on your plate were grown in his very own garden, I can’t help but smile. And when… Continue reading

Ferdiesfoodlab – a supperclub filled with fusion

I am starting to delve slowly into the world of supperclubs, and it’s an incredible network, filled with even more incredible food! Sites such as Grub Club and Edible Experiences are great at… Continue reading

Tea ceremonies and dim sum with PaoCha

I am a tea snob. I shudder at the thought of Tetley or Builder’s tea, and there are few things that calm me down as much as a light cup of Darjeeling or… Continue reading

4 reasons to try Jenius Social’s eating experiences

Jenius Social is a new venture started by Jennifer Wong and truly embraces the idea of social eating, offering not just cooking classes, but also supperclubs, masterclasses, tastings and more. Jennifer was kind… Continue reading