Granada – best churros ever

The next stop on our trip to Andalucia was Granada, a beautiful city with little cobbled streets (much like St Andrews) and of course, the home of the world-famous Alhambra.


Absorbing the Alhambra

The first thing we ate in Granada was churros. Not just any churros. They were fresh, crispy, hot and covered in sugar… I’m salivating just remembering them! I used to like churros a lot, but in the past few years, I’ve had many mediocre versions thereof, and so I’ve been avoiding them ever since. But when I told a friend of mine I was going to Granada, he recommended the Churreria Alhambra and told me it would change my life.

It did.


When we ordered the churros, the churrera, a lady with magic in her fingers, came forth and turned on a big machine filled with oil. She then poured in the batter and, using two huge chopsticks, formed a spiral which she then snipped apart with scissors. The result? The best churros I’ve ever eaten. We were only in Granada for one night, but we had to go back the next day before driving to Cordoba! The first time we tossed them with sugar and ate them on the go, the second time we sat down and dipped them in chocolate, and both times they were just divine.


Churros con chocolate

That evening, we ate at Bodega Castañeda, which came highly recommended by a friend, but ended up being extremely touristy with average food and bad service. Do not go there!

The next day was Alhambra day, and the beauty simply took my breath away. The architecture was stunning, as were the views, and the atmosphere within the halls was spellbinding.


View of the Alhambra from the Mirador San Nicolas

I could easily have spent all day wandering around, but we were getting hungry (as always), so we made our way to Bar Kiki, which was recommended by our hotelier. Kiki is my nickname, so of course we felt we had to pay it a visit! It was situated right next to one of Granada’s viewpoints, and we basked in the sunshine as we munched on our food. The pescadito frito was beautifully crispy and far more varied and tastier than La Isla in Sevilla, and the scrambled egg dish with mixed mushrooms and ham pieces was very tasty.


Top: Alhambra; Bottom (from left): Eggs, fish, Kiki and Kiki!

Unfortunately, that was all we had time for, and so we went on to Cordoba, where I discovered my love for salmorejo. Read more about that here!