Farewell, London – the lunches

After taking you through the various breakfasts I ate before I left London for Munich, it would be amiss not to talk about the incredible lunches I had too. If your job allows it, I would highly recommend going out for lunch – it can be a lot cheaper than dinner, and restaurants that have crazy queuing systems are often pretty quiet (those of you who hate queuing for a Dishoom dinner should just book a table for lunch!).

So here’s where I indulged in a midday meal…

Dishoom (again), King’s Cross

In addition to being arguably the best breakfast in London, I cannot deny that Dishoom is also one of my favourite lunch places. It was the perfect occasion for a farewell with two of my favourite colleagues (two separate occasions, I might add). It has to be sharing style, and make sure to order the okra fries, murgh malai, black daal, and Dishoom calamari!

Calamari and okra fries, Dishoom

Baozi Inn, Chinatown

Another old favourite, and one I hadn’t been back to in a while. But my, how things have changed! Service has improved drastically since I went last, but somehow, I missed being spoken to rudely, having water slammed down in front of me, and receiving the bill just as I finished the last bite of food. Luckily, the Dan Dan noodles with spicy pork are still tasty, garlicky, slurpalicious, and the best quick and dirty meal in Central London (don’t even bother ordering anything else on the menu – I have, and it’s just not worth it).

No photos as I never remember to take them before diving right in.

Roti Chai, Marylebone

I had a solo lunch here amidst a day of running errands, and it was a perfect break in the midst of stressing around Central London. I love their street food bit upstairs and the prices are incredibly reasonable, especially considering the location right behind John Lewis on Oxford Street. They’ve got so many delicious dishes that I would recommend going with a few friends and ordering everything! Side note: Roti Chai caters really well towards vegetarians and vegans.

Chili paneer and butter naan, Roti Chai

Clipstone, Marylebone

Savla Faire recommended Clipstone to me a while back, and this was actually a repeat visit after I was completely blown away the first time. Small and unseemly, tucked away in Marylebone, Clipstone’s menu changes frequently, and the lunch menu is a steal at £22 for two courses, or £26 for three, considering the quality of the food, the interesting flavour combinations, and the pleasant surroundings. I went for the steak tartare to start, which was an absolute dream, bursting with flavour, and proof that you don’t need to break the bank for this bourgeois dish. My friend ordered both asparagus dishes and they were beautifully presented and super tasty. The duck confit main was a little heavy on the salt, but the combination of pea puree and charred lettuce balanced it out and the meat just fell off the bone. Dessert was Paris-Brest, something I had never had before, but definitely want to eat every day for the rest of my life! This is the perfect spot for a quiet lunch date or even solo dining – it is top of the list for my future visits to London.

Paris-Brest at Clipstone

Asparagus with hazelnut, Clipstone

Union Street Cafe, Waterloo

Chosen for its strategic location near my friend’s work and high ratings online, I really enjoyed this number by Gordon Ramsay. Simple, good-natured Italian (food and people), a beautifully airy and spacious venue, and perfectly al dente pasta. They’ve got an ‘express lunch’ (£12) as well as a 2-course option (£19.50), and both were great value for money. I loved that they added crispy lardons into the cacio e pepe to add texture to what is sometimes a simplistic dish, and the burrata starter was as creamy as I always want burrata to be.

Cacio e pepe, Union Street Cafe

What’s your favourite lunch spot in London?

Read more about my farewell breakfasts here. Dinners to follow soon…