Wild Goose Chase: an Irish-Swindian cocktail


The Wild Goose Chase extraordinaire

I’ve always wanted to create and name a cocktail. And what better time than now, in the lead up to St Patrick’s Day, with the wonderful Wild Geese Irish honey liqueur? So in this blog post, I give you: The Wild Goose Chase.

This liqueur is sweet and mild in flavour, so it’s perfect for cocktails and desserts. It is a blend of smooth Irish Whiskey and natural honey, but I would be hesitant to drink the liqueur neat, as it’s quite sweet. The flavour works well when mixed in with others in a cocktail as I’ve outlined below, so that’s how I would recommend drinking it. Oh, and can I just mention how much I love the bottle design? I’m a sucker for pretty packaging.


But now, to more important things. Wild Goose Chase. It’s a sweet, frothy, slightly tart cocktail that includes some interesting ingredients and uses a cream whipper. If you don’t have a cream whipper, fear not, you can simply use a cocktail shaker or brute force in whisking. It won’t be quite as frothy, but it will still be tasty!


Blood oranges… what a beauty

If you prefer a simpler version, I’ve also added another option below… the Poor Man’s Wild Goose Chase, if you will.

Makes two Wild Goose Chases (or should that be Wild Geese Chase?)

  • 60ml Wild Geese Irish Honey Liqueur
  • 60ml pure carrot juice (I got this at Whole Foods)
  • 1 egg white
  • 30ml extra thick double cream
  • Juice of 1 blood orange
  • Garnish: Blood orange zest strip

Zesting it up

In a bowl, whisk the egg white and add the liqueur, juice and cream, whisking until smooth. Pour it through a fine mesh strainer and then transfer into a cream whipper. Charge the cream whipper with two canisters of nitrous oxide and then place it in the fridge to chill for 30 minutes or more. Again, if you don’t have a cream whipper, a cocktail shaker would work, or else just use a whisk and power on!

Remove the whipper from the fridge and pour the mixture into a large glass, adding the blood orange juice as you do so. Mix thoroughly and pour into a whisky tumbler, making sure to add all the froth. Garnish the froth with a small piece of orange zest. Ta-da!


Alternative: This recipe makes 2 Poor Man’s Wild Geese Chase (yep, I’m going with Geese)

  • 60ml Wild Geese Irish Honey Liqueur
  • 60ml ginger beer
  • Juice of 1 regular orange or blood orange (I would recommend blood orange, both for flavour and colour reasons, but if you can’t get any, normal orange will do)
  • Garnish: 1 slice of (blood) orange

Mix all the ingredients together. Garnish. Done.


Blood orange version of the Poor Man’s Wild Goose Chase

I will be posting a Wild Geese dessert recipe soon, so watch this space!

You can buy Wild Geese Irish Honey Liqueur on Amazon.


Normal orange version – as you can see, the colour isn’t quite as intense. Still tastes pretty damn good though.

This product was given to me for promotional purposes, but views are entirely my own.