Wild Geese orange-creamy trifle-type dessert

So I don’t usually do desserts, as you can see from the sparse collection on The Swindian. But every now and then, I like to branch out, and this time the reason was this pretty bottle here.


I’ve already made a cocktail with the Wild Geese Irish Honey Liqueur – it was called Wild Goose Chase and you can find out how to make it here, as well as learning more about the liqueur itself.

This orange-cream-cake-liqueur dessert was a bit of an experiment, but the flavours meshed together perfectly! I used extra thick double cream, but you could substitute for whipped cream to get a bit of a lighter taste on the tongue. I love the different layers, and having it in a whisky tumbler just adds to the luxurious feeling that goes with this premium liqueur. The recipe below is just for one person – we had eaten out at Brasserie Zedel earlier that evening and so we shared it between the three of us. Make sure to multiply the ingredients as necessary depending on how many people you’re making it for!


Fits into one whisky tumbler

  • 3 slices Madeira cake (2 thick, 1 thin)
  • 4 tbsp extra thick double cream (or whipped cream)
  • Slices of 1 blood orange (see method below)
  • 4-5 tbsp Wild Geese Irish Honey Liqueur

Wash and dry your whisky tumbler. Then take your Madeira cake and slice it up: 2 thick, 1 thin. Cut the slices into rounds, so they fit into the glass. Eat the spares.

Slice up the blood orange by taking a sharp knife and cutting off the skin on all sides. Then, gently cut along the membrane and pull out the slices as you go. It’s a messy undertaking, but well worth it!


Now, the layers.

Take your first thick slice of cake and pour 2 tablespoons of liqueur on it, soaking it gently. Place in tumbler.

Cover with 2 tbsp of cream.

Add the thin slice of cake (no soaking).

Then arrange the orange slices on top of the cake.

Add the second thick slice and soak it in the remaining 2 tbsp of liqueur.

Cover with the rest of the cream.

You could top it with another slice of orange if you like – we had run out…

Then take a spoon and make sure to get every last crumb in your mouth.


You can buy The Wild Geese Irish Honey Liqueur on Amazon. This product was given for promotional purposes, but all views are my own.