Review: Österia – Austrian food in Munich

Taubenstrasse 2, 8151 Munich



I had a big family get together this weekend, which obviously involved a lot of good food, as is expected with the Swindian family. I was made to cook one day, so I made the tuna bake (as it is easy to scale up for a number of people), along with The Baking Medic’s coffee cream cheese brownies. And on Friday night we decided to go out for a nice dinner, along with my relatives who live close to Munich (for whom I made my simple 3-course meal recently). Our locals recommended Österia (I love a good pun, and this Austrian twist on Italian dining is no different), so we made our way there on a somewhat chilly May evening.

The menu at Österia changes regularly, but there are a few standard items that are always on offer. We opted for a mix of both, with half the people choosing the very traditional Wiener Schnitzel. Every dish comes with a wine suggestion, and the decor in the restaurant certainly emphasised their love of grapes – it was tastefully done.



Service was absolutely superb, with our waiter even helping us to translate the items on the menu from Austrian to German and English (but leaving us to deal with Bengali!). Whilst the food took a little while to arrive, we didn’t notice the time pass as we were adequately supplied with wine as well as an amuse bouche made of beans in a lovely vinaigrette dressing. And when the food did arrive, it was clearly made absolutely fresh, which I feel is always worth waiting for.



The Schnitzels were breaded to perfection, the potatoes wonderfully buttery, the meats tender, the salads crisp and the soups creamy (I apologise for the lack of photos – I only remembered once every last bite had been devoured). And as for the desserts, they were heavenly.  I am very much looking forward to going back there soon to sample some more of their ever-changing dishes – I do not doubt they will live up to expectations.



PS. Apparently they are doing a 2 for 1 offer during the World Cup to promote football ignorance. That sounds too good to turn down…