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Roast duck and roast vegetables (as part of the Gressingham duck party)

The centerpiece, the crème de la crème, the reason this dinner party came about… The Duck. Provided by Gressingham Duck and prepared by the Swindian, it was truly a masterpiece. The best thing… Continue reading

Garlic and chili green beans (pre-birthday Gressingham duck-fest)

These beans are a combination of my garlicky green beans and the green beans in mustard seeds. They can easily be made the day before and then microwaved, or you can make them on… Continue reading

Pre-birthday Gressingham duck-fest: Home-made red wine gravy

  Stars are nothing without their stylists. And although the Gressingham duck was quite clearly the star of the night, it would be nowhere without its amazing hair and makeup artist, the red… Continue reading

A very special cranacake (for Burns Night)

It’s a little complicated. It’s a little tedious. We had a cream whipper, which made things a lot easier. But it is worth every second of preparation! We made the cake batter, raspberry… Continue reading

Haggis (for Burns Night)

This post is just about the haggis. For more instructions on how to host a Burns Night, click here. Step 1: Go to a butcher and buy a fresh haggis. Smuggle it from… Continue reading

Stir-fried chicken and pak choi in oyster sauce

I’ve been trying to eat more healthy (mainly because I’m still recovering from the Weekend of Food 2014!), which is why I haven’t been posting a lot of new recipes lately. Mostly, I’ve… Continue reading

Weekend of Food, Day 2 dinner: Pommes Anna (crispy potato stacks)

What goes well with naked duck breast and garlicky green beans? Potatoes. Crispy potatoes. Thinly sliced potatoes. With layers of buttery leek and garlic. And thyme. Mmmmhhh thyme. This post is part of… Continue reading

Weekend of Food, Day 2 dinner: Garlicky green beans in walnut oil

Wine pairing: Malbec This is part of the Weekend of Food series – read more about our adventures here. When one has a piece de resistance as divine as naked duck breast, one needs… Continue reading

Weekend of Food, Day 2 dinner: Divine naked duck breast (à la Rick Stein)

Wine pairing: Malbec This was the main course at the French feast during the Weekend of Food. Read more about our adventures here. The duck. The duck. What can I say about the… Continue reading

Weekend of Food, Day 2 dinner: Garlic soup (Tourain Blanchi à Ail)

Wine pairing: Malbec This post is part of the Weekend of Food series. Read more about our adventures here.  I love garlic and cannot cook without it. In fact, there is hardly a… Continue reading