My top 5 budget and non-budget restaurants in London

Whenever I am asked for restaurant recommendations, I tend to go off on a long and rambling monologue about a variety of restaurants, and the pros and cons of each. By the time I catch my breath, my companion is often cross-eyed, confused and hesitantly asks: “So… where exactly should I go?”

So to make it a bit easier, particularly for those of you who haven’t been following The Swindian for too long, I’ve put together a list of my top 10 London restaurants. And because this city has a habit of stealing money from your purse in every way imaginable, I have split it into budget and non-budget!

What are your top London restaurants? Leave a comment below – I love recommendations!

If you’re looking for a good meal for under £15, then try one of these places. I love them all, so they’re ranked in no particular order!

  1. Mandalay – A Burmese delight. All main courses (bar one or two) are under £10
  2. Brasserie Zedel – gorgeous and luxurious French. They do a 2-course menu for £8.95
  3. Breakfast at Dishoom – Indian-Western fusion. The bacon naan roll is £5.20, and they serve bottomless chai
  4. Yalla Yalla – my favourite Lebanese in a city that abounds in it. The mezze are around £5, and the mains about £10
  5. Bi Bim Bap – simple, cute Korean joint in Soho. A bowl of the good stuff is around £8 (plus an extra £1 for an egg on top)
Granola and chai at Dishoom

Granola and chai at Dishoom

If you want to treat yourself and/or someone else, these restaurants range from mid-range to expensive. I’ve sorted them by price range!

  1. Mosob – a wonderful find in West London, with unique Eritrean flavours. Main courses are £10-13 each, but you’d usually order 3-4 between two people, which is why I classify this as mid-range
  2. The Palomar – an absolutely stunning Israeli establishment. Service with a smile (and sometimes even a bit of a dance), this has become my favourite restaurant in London. Small plates are £7-12, and mains are £11-18, but as one shares everything you can get away with around £25 per person.
  3. Yauatcha – in my opinion, the best dim sum in London, with a Michelin star to prove it. Tip: go for the ‘Taste of Yauatcha’, Mon-Thu, 2-6pm which is £14.44 per person. The dim sum on the normal menu is £6-12 per portion.
  4. Hunan – an 18-course Chinese tasting menu. I haven’t reviewed it yet as I was too swept up the last time I went, but I hope to go back soon! Their tasting menu is £50 per person, or £70 with wine pairings
  5. Matsuri – upper-class Japanese dining in Mayfair. Set menus are up to £140 per person, and teppanyaki can be £28 (for scallop) or £68 (for lobster) per person

Freshly prepared steak at Matsuri

If you’d like to read about all the London restaurants I’ve visited, good and bad, then just check out this list! And if you’re hungry for travel, why not read about my adventures in Spain, Munich or St Andrews?

Visiting the Alhambra in between food stops in Andalucia

Visiting the Alhambra in between food stops in Andalucia