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The best hummus in Tel Aviv (and the world?): Abu Hassan

Hummus has become something very standard in the West, with even the smallest cornershops in London stocking a pot or two in their cold section. I love the stuff, and it’s often an easy… Continue reading

WoF 2015: Persiana feast, the mezze

Ah, the Weekend of Food. It’s one of the highlights of my year, and 2015 was no different. You can read about our full weekend schedule here, but first, let’s get to the lowdown on… Continue reading

Happy 2015! Have some rocket and walnut pesto

Happy New Year!! 2015… wow. Sometimes I feel we should be living in a science fiction-esque futuristic world, but then I remember we can’t teleport yet. How sad. Anyway… I digress. 2014 was a… Continue reading

Weekend of Food Day 1: Light tapas dinner with home-made hummus (Jenius Social recipe)

The Weekend of Food 2014 (read more about the event here) was a resounding success, and it all started on Friday night with four of us tucking into a wide variety of ‘tapas’.… Continue reading

The Real Greek – lunching in Marylebone

Being back in London has been tiring so far, as moving always saps a lot of my energy. Between unpacking, organising and arranging the flat, it’s been an absolute whirlwind. Yesterday I decided… Continue reading

Delicious home-made hummus

There are few feelings that rival the joy one gets when receiving a new kitchen gadget. Apart from the feeling when you use it for the first time. I have had this with… Continue reading