Heavenly dulce de leche brownies

Dulce de leche. Creamy, heavenly, without the stickiness of caramel or toffee.

Brownies. Fudgy, moist, without the restriction of having just one.

Dulce de leche brownies. The greatest gift of all.


There are three reasons why I decided to bake these brownies. First and foremost, I had promised some delicious baked goods to my work colleagues after they voted for The Swindian in the UK Blog Awards 2016, which resulted in me making the shortlist for the second year running. Woo! The second was that I’ve recently come into possession of some electronic scales for the first time in my life, and I needed to put them to work. And the third was that I don’t actually need a reason to bake wonderful brownies!

I don’t bake very often (as you can tell by the size of my desserts section), but when I do, I nearly always use one of the Baking Medic’s recipes. I am lucky enough to be acquainted with the person behind the blog, and, having lived together for a year, I can personally vouch for the deliciousness of many of her recipes!

The only tricky bit with these brownies is making the dulce de leche – you need to be sure to keep a close eye on the pot and make sure the tin of condensed milk stays fully covered. You don’t want any explosions! There’s a full explanation with the recipe below, so fear not.


Creamy, creamy heaven

Up until now, I’ve always relied on a slightly errant eye and some wonky scales to measure my baking, but my new Smart Weigh scales are going to change all that. They are ridiculously accurate, and somehow magically measure not just grams and lbs, but even cups and millilitres! The display is really clear, and it’s so easy to wipe down the top after using. I cannot wait to bake something with very precise measurements, just for the joy of using this beauty…


Only the finest chocolate, of course

You can find the full recipe and method for Dulce de Leche Brownies on The Baking Medic’s site here. I warn you, they are addictive, so handle with caution!


I couldn’t resist helping myself before taking the picture…

I received the Smart Weigh scales at a discount, but as always, all views are my own.