Bodean’s BBQ – Could I get a side of meat with those ribs?

10 Poland Street, W1F 8PZ

I have heard many a tale of the establishment that is Bodean’s. People have raved about the meat, and I’ve read reviews of the meat, plus it kept popping up on my Twitter feed because of the… yep, the meat.

Now, I am vegetarian for one month a year and egg curry is probably my favourite dish ever. But I am a carnivore at heart, so when a work lunch was scheduled to take place at Bodean’s BBQ, I salivated at the mere thought.

Beef rib... falling off the bone

Beef rib… falling off the bone

We walked in and the smoky, meaty smell hit my nostrils. Most of my colleagues were intimately familiar with the menu, and so they started recommending things right, left and centre. The burnt ends and pulled pork seemed to be a no-brainer, until someone pointed out the ‘Boss Hog Platter’, which included everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything. Just… look at it.


It took me a good 2-3 days to recover from this amazingly delicious meat fest, and I’m not sure if the recovery will ever be complete. Rather than an eloquent description of the food, which would be counter-intuitive to Bodean’s ‘Don’t need no teef to eat my beef’ (truer words were never spoken), I will simply leave you with a couple of tips:

  • Starters are unnecessary
  • So are vegetables
  • Sweet potato fries all the way
  • Pulled pork must be eaten
  • Get the burnt ends dry and add your own sauce
  • The ‘Boss Hog Platter’ serves 4 people, not 2 (although an ambitious Swindian will attempt to eat it all)
  • Don’t wear white
  • You don’t need no teef to eat dat beef


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