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Simple Sichuan aubergine

I absolutely love aubergine, and this is a recipe I learnt when I attended School of Wok’s Authentic Chinese Cookery class. I adapted it slightly to my tastes, and it’s fantastic. The yellow bean… Continue reading

Guest post: Spicy Sichuan hotpot in Shu Jiu Xiang, Chengdu

This is a guest post written by the father of the Swindian. You can follow his blog here, which is details the various adventures that befall him on his travels around the world! — This week… Continue reading

8 things I learnt about authentic Chinese cooking from School of Wok

Tonight, I was kindly invited by School of Wok (what a great name!) to partake in their Authentic Chinese Cuisine cooking class, and I had the time of my life. Jeremy was an absolutely… Continue reading