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Spicy Vegetable Tagine with Ras El Hanout

This week has been absolute madness in the best way possible. I had a wonderful New Year’s Eve at my university friend’s house, and then suddenly all my closest uni friends showed up… Continue reading

Quinoa salad with mackerel, halloumi, avocado and walnuts

Happy New Year everyone! Like most others, my goal for 2014 (or at least January) is to eat more healthy food. But I will never, ever compromise on taste and these January recipes… Continue reading


Having grown up in the Western part of the world, this is the cuisine I have been exposed to most, but it ranges from Italian to American to Scottish to… just take a look.… Continue reading


I am vegetarian one month of the year, and I also enjoy going meat-free once in a while throughout the year, hence this page! Aloo posto (potato in poppy seeds) Baked stuffed aubergine… Continue reading


Indian food can often be a little complicated and time-consuming, but these dishes are simple and just as delicious. They are also very authentic, and nothing like you’ll find in restaurants! Aloo posto… Continue reading

East Asian

I absolutely adore East Asian food, and these are my attempts at creating some dishes from that vast part of the world! Baked salmon + vegetable stir fry – in home-made teriyaki sauce… Continue reading


Here’s an overview of all the delicious things I like to cook and eat! For some tips on how to make the perfect brunch, read here. East Asian recipes Baked salmon + vegetable… Continue reading

Destiny brownies

These brownies need no grand introduction. Suffice it to say, when you bite into the first one, you will feel like you have met your destiny! And who knew destiny could be so… Continue reading

Aloo posto (potatoes in poppy seeds)

Aloo posto is one of my favourite dishes in my grandmother’s house, and so when I came back I decided that I didn’t want to wait another year until I can eat it… Continue reading

Restaurant review: Maroush

Location: Vere Street (near Bond Street) I love Lebanese food. When I first moved to London and discovered Yalla Yalla, I returned 3 times in quick succession. I also have fond memories of… Continue reading