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Garlic and chili green beans (pre-birthday Gressingham duck-fest)

These beans are a combination of my garlicky green beans and the green beans in mustard seeds. They can easily be made the day before and then microwaved, or you can make them on… Continue reading

Weekend of Food, Day 2 dinner: Garlicky green beans in walnut oil

Wine pairing: Malbec This is part of the Weekend of Food series – read more about our adventures here. When one has a piece de resistance as divine as naked duck breast, one needs… Continue reading

Weekend of Food, Day 2 dinner: Garlic soup (Tourain Blanchi à Ail)

Wine pairing: Malbec This post is part of the Weekend of Food series. Read more about our adventures here.  I love garlic and cannot cook without it. In fact, there is hardly a… Continue reading

Champagne saffron risotto with garlic prawns

Yes, I just made risotto last week. Yes, it’s quite heavy and not the healthiest meal. But when your sister tells you about the possibility of putting champagne in risotto, and you see… Continue reading

Garlicky gnocchi with creamy spinach sauce

When you have a packet of gnocchi in your fridge for a while, you tend to start dreaming about what you could do with it. My flatmate and I have been discussing the… Continue reading

Home-made bread infused with roasted garlic

A few months ago, I found a garlic loaf in a supermarket and it blew my mind. Bread with chunks of garlic inside it? It’s genius, really. I found a recipe for it… Continue reading

Easy and delicious garlic chicken

Last night, I needed a no-fuss dinner as I just wasn’t in the mood for cooking something elaborate. I found some chicken thighs and legs in the freezer, and once they were defrosted… Continue reading

Dining at Arzak – 3 star Michelin dining in San Sebastian, Spain

It was a beautiful sunny day in San Sebastián, and I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. After all, today was the day I would be dining at Arzak, a restaurant that not… Continue reading

In conversation with Elena Arzak – 3* Michelin chef from the Basque Country

In April of this year, I had the incredibly good fortune to dine at Arzak, a 3* Michelin restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain. I have written a full review of the meal here,… Continue reading

Spinach-halloumi pasta with caramelised onions

In the last 10 months, I have succumbed to takeaway far more often than I’d care to admit… the reason for this is not my inherent laziness, but rather the Munich supermarket timings!… Continue reading