Córdoba – salmorejo and more

The last stop on our trip through Andalucia’s Golden Triangle was Córdoba, a small, beautiful town with the mind-boggling Mezquita – a cathedral, turned into a mosque, and back into a cathedral. The… Continue reading

Granada – best churros ever

The next stop on our trip to Andalucia was Granada, a beautiful city with little cobbled streets (much like St Andrews) and of course, the home of the world-famous Alhambra.

Nordisk Brødhus – best brunch in Copenhagen (and of my life)

Rantzausgade 58 B, DK-2200 Copenhagen I wrote this blog post about six months ago, but it has taken me a while to publish as there was an incident with the photos that we took… Continue reading

Sevilla – orange trees and fish

Sevilla was the first stop on our trip to Andalucia. In terms of food, it was the least exciting, but I loved the architecture and atmosphere of the city. The cathedral was stunning (although… Continue reading

Happy 2015! Have some rocket and walnut pesto

Happy New Year!! 2015… wow. Sometimes I feel we should be living in a science fiction-esque futuristic world, but then I remember we can’t teleport yet. How sad. Anyway… I digress. 2014 was a… Continue reading

Creamy beef stroganoff

It’s been a lovely Christmas holiday at home in Switzerland (check Instagram for pictures of the heavy snowfall), and my final evening also happened to be my parents’ wedding anniversary. To celebrate, my… Continue reading

Mandalay, a family-run Burmese delight

I love trying new cuisines, and London has so far introduced me to many, including Eritrean, Vietnamese, Korean and more. Burmese was yet another new discovery, and Mandalay was a wonderful place to have… Continue reading

Simple green salad with walnut and avocado, doused in mustard vinaigrette

My birthday party was all about the duck (’bout that duck), so I didn’t want to spend too much time or effort on the first course. This salad is very light, incredibly simple and tastes… Continue reading

Roast duck and roast vegetables (as part of the Gressingham duck party)

The centerpiece, the crème de la crème, the reason this dinner party came about… The Duck. Provided by Gressingham Duck and prepared by the Swindian, it was truly a masterpiece. The best thing… Continue reading

My 25th birthday, plus a review of brunch at Imagine in Zurich and a bacon risotto

I tend to keep my birthdays relatively low-key, and this year was no different. Last year, I had a lovely family dinner of Fondue Chinoise at home, and this year I had a… Continue reading

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