Takeaway from Maroush via hungryhouse.co.uk 

I visited Maroush on Vere Street a couple of years ago (read my blog post on that here), where I enjoyed the food but was disappointed by the somewhat brisk service. I haven’t been… Continue reading

My top 5 budget and non-budget restaurants in London

Whenever I am asked for restaurant recommendations, I tend to go off on a long and rambling monologue about a variety of restaurants, and the pros and cons of each. By the time I… Continue reading

Sophie’s Steakhouse in Covent Garden: service with a smile

29-31 Wellington Street, WC2E 7DB I really love steak, but a good steak is often hard to come by. Sometimes, places that boast about the superiority of their cuts can let you down (*cough*… Continue reading

Sriracha scrambled eggs with smoked salmon

I love alliteration, and I love food. So when I can combine the two, I am very happy! I’ve started making these eggs at the weekend for breakfast, and sometimes even whip them up… Continue reading

Roast lamb with couscous

To me, the Sunday roast is a quintessentially British tradition. But despite having lived in the UK for almost 7 years now, this was my first attempt. And why, might you ask, did I… Continue reading

Wild Geese orange-creamy trifle-type dessert

So I don’t usually do desserts, as you can see from the sparse collection on The Swindian. But every now and then, I like to branch out, and this time the reason was this… Continue reading

Wild Goose Chase: an Irish-Swindian cocktail

I’ve always wanted to create and name a cocktail. And what better time than now, in the lead up to St Patrick’s Day, with the wonderful Wild Geese Irish honey liqueur? So in… Continue reading

Shrimp and grits

My two amazing American friends (their previous contributions to The Swindian include garlic soup, Cullen skink and Destiny mashed potatoes) have told me about shrimp and grits a million times over the last couple of… Continue reading

Chicken in white wine and cream sauce with wild rice

This chicken in cream sauce is a comforting dish I grew up with, and one that I have struggled to recreate whenever I’m not at home in Switzerland. The reason for this is… Continue reading

Kiku – sushi in Mayfair

17 Half Moon Street, W1J 7BE When Daddy Swindian comes to town, good food is had. This visit was no exception, as we visited 2 fabulous Japanese places in the space of 3 days!… Continue reading

  • In bed with a virus: this is the first thing I'm managing to eat in two days. Thank you, Mother Nature, for creating avocado! #avocado #oatcakes #healthy #vegetarian #pickmeup My belly is still working on this one from yesterday... @bodeansbbq #bodeans #beef #ribs #soho #London #tenderisthenight No win for me tonight, but it was still an honour just to be shortlisted! Congratulations to all the winners, especially @nourishingjessica ! #ukba15 #blogawards #foodie